MRHA HealthTran Employment Opportunity

The Missouri Rural Health Association is seeking applications from individuals interesting in applying to be a HealthTran Volunteer Program Manager (VPM). The VPM will manage all aspects of the statewide volunteer driver program to build, expand and provide excellent customer service to volunteers, MRHA members and the communities they serve. The VPM will execute, monitor and manage all statewide activities to recruit, vet, educate, coordinate and integrate transportation coordination and services for Missouri Rural Health Association members with active HealthTran subscriptions. The VPM will in a variety of ways to ensure the mission and goals of MRHA-HT are executed in a professional and respectful manner.

The VPM primary goals are:

· Manage MRHA Volunteers: recruitment, vetting, file management, appreciation & acknowledgement

· Provide education, support and guideance to enhance the volunteer experience

· Oversee the Volunteer technology platform, ensuring accurate data

· Act as the liaison between mobility managers, volunteers, riders and the community

· Run reports to ensure timely mileage reimbursement payments to volunteers

· Support MRHA and HT program expansion

The HealthTran mission is to reduce transportation barriers in rural Missouri to improve access to care; health and wellness appointments and activities to improve health outcomes. MRHA members are primarily health related organizations or those working with the medically fragile, seniors, disabled, low-income, and high-risk populations to ensure safe and effective transfers in the movement of patients across the care continuum. The HealthTran model trains Mobility Managers within member organizations/communities and Coordinators within Regions to identify customers with transportation barriers, schedule rides and ensure transportation for non-emergent appointments and/or released hospital patients through an electronic referral/data base system. The VPM will provide technical support and assistance to Coordinators, Mobility Managers and Schedulers across the state for long-distance travel, multiple rider trips, and other areas of need. In addition, the VPM will provide reports to improve the HT program, support members, and expand the program.

The VPM’s primary function is supporting MRHA volunteers. This will include recruitment, training, recognition, appreciation, scheduling, payment and reporting. In addition, the VPM will work with the MRHA/HT team to promote, market, organize and build networks to improve the program across rural Missouri.

Flexible work hours
Positive work environment
Paid Time Off: 1-3 years of service-144 hours (12 hours per month)
4-9 years of service-168 hours (14 hours per month)

Paid Holidays:
New Year’s Day, Veteran’s Day, President’s Day, Thanksgiving Day and the day after, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Labor Day, Employee Birthday (float day)

Full-time employees will be paid eight (8) regular hours for each holiday. Part-time employees will be paid four (4) regular hours for each holiday. Employees who work less than 20 hours per week will receive no holiday pay.

Expenses incurred in performance of job duties.

· Associates Degree in Social Work, public health or healthcare field preferred.
· Or Two years’ experience as community health worker or transportation mobility management
· Or Two years’ experience in volunteer management preferred with transportation experience
· Ability to interpret and comply with MRHA, nonprofit, federal, state, and local laws and regulations.
· Ability to work independently in a self-directed manner, have flexible work hours, and complete assignments.
· Ability to facilitate, organize and lead focus groups, training sessions, and community outreach.
· Ability to deal respectfully and effectively with a diverse population orally and in writing.
· Ability to prepare reports and communicate effectively with professional members orally and in writing.
· Ability to handle time sensitive task in a professional and HIPPA compliant manner.
· Previous experience in operation of office equipment: i.e. personal computer, copier, fax, postage machine, printers.

Essential Duties and Job Responsibilities:
Provide the following services in accordance with the policies and procedures of the HealthTran program.
· Perform responsibilities for volunteers and mobility coordination as defined by HealthTran Program Manager and HT Coordinator Supervisor.
· Operate a volunteer scheduling and management program
· Manage volunteers respectfully across age groups, religions, cultures, incomes and those with disabilities.
· Run reports as needed
· Advocate and support MRHA-HT
· Gather and ensure all required documentation is current for volunteer driver files
· Assist with coordination of transportation referrals from HealthTran members through a volunteer scheduler platform system.
· Collaborate with agencies/organizations to established volunteer criteria outreach
· Provide resources, training and guidance to volunteers
· Serve as a bridge between members, the community and volunteers
· Maintain daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual paperwork requirements
· Gather and update resource information through social media

· Responsible for the implementation of the goals and objectives set forth by the MRHA HealthTran program.
· Execute the day-to-day implementation of the HealthTran Volunteer program.
· Provide timely and relevant reports to Project Manager regarding the status of the goals and objectives established by the HealthTran initiative.
· Assist in developing and maintaining an objective, reliable and consistent data base of information on volunteer transportation in active HealthTran service areas.

· Flexible, versatile and comfortable in a rapidly changing environment while maintaining effectiveness and efficiency.
· Act as a principal steward of the HealthTran Volunteer program.
· Exceptional communication skills (verbal, written, social media)
· Respectful to all members, staff, volunteers and riders of MRHA-HT in action and words.
· Uphold the mission, values, and principals of HealthTran program and partner organizations.

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