Keeping People at the Center: Medicaid in Missouri


Last month the Missouri Department of Social Services released a 115-page “Rapid Response Review – Assessment of Missouri Medicaid Program,” prepared by the consultancy McKinsey & Company. Prompted by predictions of Medicaid’s continued growth and impact on the state’s budget, the report thoroughly examined its financing and operations and presented numerous opportunities and suggestions for comprehensive improvements. Considering where Missouri is in its ongoing conversation on Medicaid and the benefits it poses to all, I’d like to highlight a few of the review’s many findings by putting it in the context of the crucial role Medicaid plays in the health of Missourians.

For anyone interested in the workings of Medicaid, I recommend taking the time to read the report (at least the four-page executive summary). It is clearly written, contains extensive information, and is peppered with suggested improvements. Even the most experienced Medicaid analyst is likely to learn something.

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