Collaborate to Identify and Address Social Determinants of Health

Medical care only is one component of maintaining good health. Rural Missourians face increasing difficulty accessing nutritious food, recreation and gainful employment. These social determinants of health are defined as “the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age.” They reach far beyond poverty and require a systemwide approach to effectively moderate their effects on health outcomes. 

Addressing the root causes of these community-based problems require coordinated federal, state, local and private resource allocation targeted to the most at-risk populations and communities. The Missouri Foundation for Health and Missouri Hospital Association partnered to develop a website,, to assist stakeholders’ understanding of SDOH at the local level to improve resource allocation and encourage community partnerships to identify and address these social factors. 

Missouri hospitals stand ready to collaborate with stakeholders, including state government, to identify and address SDOH and to #ReimagineRuralHealth
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10 rural health issues and policy options to address them.