Award of Distinction Presentation

Sandra Morris, HealthTran Coordinator, was presented the Award of Distinction, at the Missouri Rural Health Conference, August 17, 2017.  Mrs. Morris was recognized for her exceptional service, dedication, loyalty, and commitment to improving health access in rural Missouri within the 11-county pilot region.  From her first date of employment on September 7, 2015, Mrs.  Morris has exemplified the mission of HealthTran, a health and transportation program, through her professional, caring, and respectful personality, creating personal bonds with the original 733 riders, medical sites and transit drivers.

“Working with Sandra has been a privilege and a joy “reports Mary Gordon, HealthTran Program Manager.  “Her positive energy, knowledge, and dedication has made the program a success by changing the lives of many who would not have been able to access care and improve their health without her connecting them to the transportation they needed.”

Picture: Front Row L-R:  Pam Buschjost, MRHA Finance Director, Doris Boeckman, Community Asset Builders, LLC, co-owner, Sandra Morris, HealthTran Coordinator, Suzanne Alewine, MRHA Executive Director and Community Assets Builder, LLC co-owner. .Back Row:  Mary Gordon, HealthTran Program Manager