“It took a village” & we have it on video!

West Plains Daily Quill – Author – Abby Hess

“HealthTran was a lifesaver – more like a leg saver,” Leo Haralson proclaimed in a promotional video for HealthTran, a coordinated transportation service offered to patients in a 10-county region of southern Missouri. “I’m not sick, I have a car. I just needed some help right now.”

Last year, Haralson, a 65-year-old southern Missouri veteran of the Vietnam War, underwent a toe amputation that resulted in a bone infection. To save his leg, daily hyperbaric treatments were needed, and the closest medical facility was 30 miles away. If he didn’t get treatment he could lose his leg; if he didn’t get care, he could lose his life. How was he going to get the treatments?

Haralson was lucky. Holly Williams with Ozarks Medical Center’s Wound Care Services was able to connect him with HeathTran to facilitate transportation to his daily appointments. Transportation costs for his trips accrued to the tune of $6,300 per three-plus-hour excursion. About $13,000 in billable healthcare services were provided, and he missed not one appointment…..Read the rest of the story here


Watch the HealthTran video telling Leo’s story below: